Sunday, January 25, 2009

Simple Facism!

Raise your hand if you knew that Perry Mills was a published author.

Now raise your hand if you knew that Perry Mills was an out of print published author.

Now raise it if you knew that anyone ever read that book before (or after) it went out of print.

Now quit sieg-heiling, because you look like a "facist".

Two reviews of Simply Cinema by Perry F Mills, further showing how evenly divided this tiny world is on Dear Professor:
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1 stars out of 5 Simply Facist
Perry F. Mills. What can be said?
There is no wondering why Mills loves his cinema so much - he has completely lost all sense of reality. Frankly, his views terrified me. And I mean, terrified. I wonder how people with such twisted, ignorant, and may I say ARROGANT views even achieve published status. It is laughable that he even has one positive review to his name. He waxes facist but seems to be unsure of himself; his Marxist outbursts make me tremble and even the most amateur of political science students can tell you that they are on the complete opposite ends of the ideaology spectrum. Don't pick up this book expecting to learn more about film. You will be sorely disappointed. Trust me. I expected to broaden my knowledge about the under-rated art form, and instead was reminded why I hold steadfast to the conviction that some people shouldn't be able to procriate.

5 stars out of 5 brilliance
Perry Mills is a genius. He will be the first to admit it, too. His book will be the second. This is not so much a scholarly recitation of movie plots, but an exegesis on the ideas encompassed by some of the most brilliant films of all times. This is one of those books where, after reading it, you are left wondering how it has ever gone out of print and why it isn't on every bookshelf in America.

Your homework: find me other reviews of the book! (Unless you're too busy procriating.)

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