Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A couple of new documents and an update from the Battle Weary but Live Professor Himself

Okay, jog your eyes just a few inches to the right and you'll find a couple of new pdf files:

1. Reschedule Memo: wherein the court decides that "service was adequate", the case is not successfully thrown out by WWU, but the hearing is rescheduled for November 21st.

2. Bohlke Declaration: wherein Wendy Bohlke decides that Mills may NOT resume teaching, due to a supposed non-fulfillment on his part of some sort of pre-requisite "training" sessions (going against the earlier decision that his suspension would last only through August 31, 2007.) Essentially, this document reflects a possibly arbitrary step on behalf of WWU, toward keeping the situation in a state of paralysis (continued suspension with pay, instead of a resumption of teaching duties.)

Also, a few words from the Professor himself, bringing us up to speed through to Thanksgiving Day (proving that not even the consumption of gallons of cranberry smothered bird meat will keep the one-eyed former roofer silent):

Court yesterday...we will be into appeal EVEN THOUGH the witch trial was deemed illegal... So now it's off to the Supreme Court (of Washington State)... We're out in the open and struggling mightily, so stay tuned...

He goes on a bit further, and that's private stuff--sorry--but hist last words are worth their weight in uneducated undergraduates, and here they are:

Time to give thanks for the strength to brave the nasty...you must, too! Banzai!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Back Online...

To any weary traveler still occasionally visiting these deserted shores: we are now back online (we, as I said, not the site, which has not gone away) and have reloaded the majority of the links just there to the right. More will appear as they are located. Thanks for your patience!