Monday, September 29, 2008

Boycott Reality--Watch Reality TV!

From now until the precise moment that WWU gives us unalienable proof that Professor Perry F. Mills has been properly reinstated as an educator on their campus, I challenge those of us in his corner of the ring to load, refresh, and stay glued to--vigil-style--the WWU Red Square Web Cam. If you should catch site of the dread professor making his disabled rounds around the grounds, give a shout--(remember our mantra: If'n You See's Something, Say's Something!)--and you too can win a FREE PRIZE!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back To School!

Good news, bad news, take it as you will (there's no such thing as "neutral news".) Perry F. Mills, Professor at Large, formerly Deposed Bear of Starling Ethics and Aesthetics, has returned to:

W W U !

In researching WWU's Theatre Department website I couldn't find a single link that actually leads to any academic scheduling, so I can't post that here.

Also, Perry is glibly omitted from the faculty bio page.

More soon as sanctioned material comes my way. With hope we will have the juiciest of juicies online soon: The Various and Sundry Syllabi of Academic Expectations vis a vis the Studious Environs Lorded Over By One Professor Perry F. Mills.

Toss one back for the old boy tonight!