Tuesday, October 25, 2005

If Dreams Came True

Excerpts from a Western Front article on Mark Kuntz' play "If Dreams Came True":

"The play," [Mark Kuntz] said, "is about six West Point cadets who banter and put on blackface makeup while preparing to perform a minstrel show in 1923."


"Kuntz said the script’s language is raw, and those offended by coarse language should not attend."

"The play is a safe excuse to be a guy," [actor] Emerick said. "It’s fun to discuss dicks and pussies, and to discover new things we can do with it."


motherfucker said...


Anonymous said...

It is grossly unfair to quote something from the Western Front that received 2 letters of retraction from the person misquoted. It is misleading and false.

Nick said...

Dear "Anonymous",

Quit complaining and make yourself useful. Here's some tips:

1) Decide which quote you're referring to, then tell us.

2) Send us the letters of retraction; get the Western Front to print those retractions; or if the retractions have been printed then show us where (the last thing anyone wants to do is read the Western Front unnecessarily); or please tell us something about why you know so much about these retractions yet choose not to enlighten anyone.

3) Repeat similar methods of clarifying and arguing forever, or until the sun explodes in the sky, whichever comes first.

If you haven't noticed, much of this website chronicles the misleading and false charges against Perry Mills. If you've read it, then I certainly am curious why is it that one as-of-yet-unidentified quote lifted from the Western Front stands out for particular attention beneath your banner of justice. That said, bring it on so we can all look at it.