Monday, September 29, 2008

Boycott Reality--Watch Reality TV!

From now until the precise moment that WWU gives us unalienable proof that Professor Perry F. Mills has been properly reinstated as an educator on their campus, I challenge those of us in his corner of the ring to load, refresh, and stay glued to--vigil-style--the WWU Red Square Web Cam. If you should catch site of the dread professor making his disabled rounds around the grounds, give a shout--(remember our mantra: If'n You See's Something, Say's Something!)--and you too can win a FREE PRIZE!


Spartacus O'Neal said...

What should we do if we spot Bohlke, Kuntz, Edwards or Bodman passing large brown envelopes or wads of cash in the shadows?

Anonymous said...

After watching Kuntz predate on freshmen girls at EOU for years and years I fear for the barely legal coeds at WWU.

Anonymous said...

Mark Kuntz is last week's newspaper wrapping yesterday's fish. Anyone looking for a special futon-scholarship from that guy has taken the bait, left their own, and run (probably on to politics.)