Friday, February 04, 2011

Creatures of Law

The most disconcerting thing about the rule of law is, when you know personally that justice has not been done, to have lapdogs bring you the news with a smile.

These folks to the left, as soon as the Washington Supreme Court squirted out a verdict, were suddenly on the case, ready to report the tale told by their masters.

As were the News Tribune and Rick Anderson, an especially fervent PC zombie from the Seattle Weekly.

A+ for everyone! Two gold stars for extra credit! Keep smiling and we'll all get there!


Jack Pierce said...

Anderson a 'pc zombie?' I laughed out loud. I've been reading him for years and nobody is less PC! I recall he even won a national award at the Times for battling for the underdog. Do your homework.

Nick said...

I recall that the Tribune won an award. And the Herald. The Herald won an award too.

Paul said...

nick - contact me or the Bear

Anonymous said...

Fuck those two. Especially the jew weasel on the left.