Friday, January 20, 2012

Solution (For Back of a Letter)

A rather grayness stretched out through and through above the vasty snow. No one at fault; belief alone allowed this to take shape. Blame no one, argued someone loudly in his own mind so that everyone within would hear. Lest ye (and so forth).

The walkers long since having sat, mostly apart, names stuck with them so long, abandonment hard to come by these days. This sort of weather famous for making beggars of the steeliest men. No women to be seen, long since covered.

It began to stop raining. Some looked up. Long since down lost appeal.

Gravity worked, which is saying a lot more for it than for most. Yet not a brave enough voice in sight. Gravity spoke for itself. Gravity had little to say. Gravity knew when to stay quiet. Ah, gravity, gravity: musicless, gray, introverted.

And the rain continued to stop. And so on continued. Belief allowed this. Alone. Cheer up. It could be worse. It could have been worse.

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