Sunday, August 28, 2005

Student remarks about Professor Perry Mills, from

"This guy was a joke. I have learned more from listening to bums rant on the bus than when he would get going in class."

"God bless this man. If there were more people like Perry Mills in the world, it'd be a whole lot crazier, but also a little more sane in some weird way."

"...talked poorly about jesus, very anti sematic. Ate his own boogers."

"Perry F. Mills, the F stands for 'F*** off, you gucci bag toting hipsters!' He's a pirate, a rebel, a campus legend, and has the biting cynical outlook in life of Lars Von Trier."

"He hates students and his only joy in life appears to be making people feel horrible."

"He knows what he's talking about and won't accept crap from students he knows can do better."

"...a masoginistic pig..."

"Almost everything he says, cruel as it is, is freaking hilarious. People say he's insane, but really, he just has a cynical view of our generation. And why wouldn't he? We're a bunch of careless mass-consuming capitalist pigs."

"hard, i don't like his teaching style!!! Not very nice."

"Perry's awesome, you just can't show fear - I think he smells it."

"This old bitter man simply could not help himself from insulting everyone that doesn't look like an old ugly pirate. He made several students cry in my class."

"This guy is funny. I wouldn't recommend asking stupid questions. Just sit back and laugh at the people who do."

"Man, sexiest pirate teacher I've ever seen. I still get giddy when I see him smoking his cigars every morning. And that comment about wanting to get a tank and run over people on campus? Beautiful."

"'Lil girls play with barbies to prepare them for a life of servitude and 2nd class citizenship.' Be open-minded."

"Called us sheep and threatened to bring a gun and shoot us all."

"He's probably one of the few honest professors out there. Has no patience for spoiled children..."

"...a bad human being."

" of the best profs on campus."


Anonymous said...

Perry Mills has no soul. He is also insane, was insane when he was a student at"WWSC". That's why I love him. Anyone who drove a Matchless 500 was insane. Any who 'packs' is still insane. Any one who writes plays is insane. That's why they write plays. Perry may have had the courage to leave Ilwaco but he could never leave B'ham. Too insanely uterine.

Some day we're going to thump him, me, Frosty, Moose, Jack, Gordy...the whole gang, we're going to get him....

Anonymous said...

Perry Mills has a soul. Those who do not recognize it cannot see. He attempted the impossible, to enlighten those who could not be enlightened. Like those who came before him who tried such things, well you see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is just a childish douchebag.